T7R DR2 - Group A Season 2 - Finland Review

1/15/2021 12:00:00 AM

Jämsä Finland - Can your suspension handle it?

We're in the lovely town Jämsä in central Finland. This Rally is known to be mostly dominated by Scandinavian drivers, the Turn7Racing team only has one Scandinavian driver in its championship. If ViralBunny will excel on Scandinavian territory is just another question that we hope to see answered very soon. Whilst on our way to the commentators box we heard shouts of "Torille! Torille!". We have no idea what it means, but the hospitality of the Fins is something we cannot deny. 

Ola Särnkvist fan from Finland

The Finnish fans sure are something else!

Day 1

Well, we all know the hazards Finland carries, and it shows. Last week in Scotland the Welsh Dragon Tom Wood showed us great pace and consistency, but crashed out in stage 1. 


Not much later, the Brit SROTIDEUK met the same fate and had to forfeit this rally. On the right you can see an amateur image of the horrible crash.

On the other hand, it seems O.SARNKVIST is showing the promise we expected. Normally the Swedish bunny hovers around position 8 and 9, but this time he is gaining time and is in battle for the lead.

That promise didn't last long, O.SARNKVIST came to a halt in stage 2?

Fans rushed to his car but it seems he was only quickly sipping a beer before continuing his rally. The liquor went in quickly and resulted in a mere time loss of 20 seconds. 

Stage 3 was a disaster for Gary Maldonado, Finni McFinger and the Scottish Hot Shot Colin Campbell. The speed Finland carries is a demon for even the most professional drivers and the crashing three couldn't escape its claws. 

Whilst the crashes are apparent, we cannot ignore the little time difference in the middle. The Belgian Sac, Craig, Alesh Mom, Riyaz and Midastron are all only a few seconds apart. These are promising and exciting times, we're looking forward to the fight they'll bring tomorrow.

Floopity Boopity hit a bridge and punctured both wheels on the same side. We tried to get some comments out of him when he arrived at the time control, but he was enraged and muttering something about his arse. His good health was confirmed after a quick visit to the first aid tent, as a result, his Subaru Impreza 1995 will carry a bit more weight with the new cushion attached to his bucket seat. Sponsored by Tempur-Pedic pillows, for all of your buttock's needs!

The fight at the top and middle is hard. Sunbeam16ti and Kepone are trying to get that 2nd position. Whilst Johny Le Sac is trying to gain on Craig, he's unknowingly being tailed by Alesh Mom. Their time difference in stage 4 is only 400 milliseconds. How much closer can this get?

Trouble ensued for O.SARNKVIST in stage 4 as he crashed out seeing some trees double. His car is being recovered and in the meantime the Lithuanian Virgism is almost literally flying past all the other drivers, Virgism is having a drama free Rally, showing how it's done. 

It's the end of day 1 and Kepone still hasn't crashed, we're still waiting tentatively to see when he does. More on this later in this review.

Day 2

2 stages and a power stage today, not much room for gaining positions but the tables can be turned very quickly in fast Finland. The fight at the top is still quite the same in stage 6. There's only 7 out of 17 drivers still able to compete in the last few stages. This rally is a battle of consistency and survival.

The consistency was there in stage 5 and 6 as all drivers kept their positions. Leaving everything up for grabs in that last power stage. Virgism is unreachable in this rally, securing his lead with one minute and a half! He was looking to dominate in order to get his championship hopes back and it seems his efforts are making that happen.

Power Stage

We can't believe it! The speed in the last stage is insane and Kepone has also finished this rally! Craig and Sunbeam16Ti now know the real pace Kepone can deliver as he has proven in Scotland and Finland. Another monster our drivers will need to deal with.

On the other hand, Alesh Mom took position 5 from the Belgian after a fierce battle of speed leaving only 2 seconds between them. This is Alesh Mom's highest achieved position of the Turn7Racing rally championship. Is he a new rival for the Belgian? We'll report on that in the next round in Poland!

The editors would also like to congratulate Floopity Boopity for his endurance in this rally. Limping through some stages but not giving up! A display of professionalism, sportsmanship and experience!

See you all next week in Poland!