T7R DR2 - Group A Season 2 - Germany Review

12/20/2020 12:00:00 AM

The Group A season is live!

It is the 14th of December and all teams have just finished setting up their tents and unloading their spare car parts. We are now in Baumholder, Germany. The famous technical tarmac stage known to easily take out a wheel or two. Golden business for Michelin but bad business for the drivers going for their championship title.

Day 1 - Testing the tarmac

The weather was dry, the tarmac was dirty and our drivers were rusty. The first stage looked good for the English and the Scottish. But a round later, disaster struck for TFR110 and Kevin Galvin. Both of them lost several tyres and TFR110 hit a gate after mishearing a pacenote due to radio battery issues. 

Both were unable to continue and had to forfeit their entry in Germany. This is particularly destructive for Kevin Galvin, this was his maiden entry for the Subaru team, what will his performance be in the next rally? We still don't know what to expect.

Everything went well and some positions in Germany shifted along the way. The Scottish hot shot Colin Campbell lost momentum in stage 3 and the notorious Lithuanian CA_VIRGINIJUS_M aka Virgism, winner of our last championship, took his place. Will he reclaim his spot back? This isn't good news for sunbeam16ti and Craig.

Day 2 - Battle in the centre

The fight in the middle was big. Midastron, Johny Le Sac, AleŇ° Mom, Kepone and Srotideuk were only a few seconds apart. These drivers are daring and anything could happen, especially with so much at stake. Normally the sharp Kenian Riiyaz would be up in this fight, but he had some tyre issues resulting in him skiing his way to the finish for a few stages. He kept it conservative but still managed to hold his middle position.

In stage 5, the Swede ViralBunny aka o.sarnkvist had a terminal accident and could not continue the Rally. The car had to be towed and the stage was delayed for the later drivers. The Mitsubishi proved its strength again leaving both drivers unscathed. In the meantime Gary Maldonado is getting used to his new Mitsubishi and is carrying a steady pace.

The privateer Ford driver Majestic Eagle aka Majestic801 is also proving his worth surrounded by established world rally teams like Subaru, Lancia and Mitsubishi. The Turn7Racing editors are really eager to see what the Eagle is capable of. A still developing driver in a still developing championship. 

Sunbeam16ti was gaining well on Craig Thomas his impeccable speed, he won stage 6 with a margin of only 0.188 seconds! He's now only 4.494 seconds behind our rally leader. The power stage is sunbeam16ti's only chance, although a 5 second difference is hard to make up for in the power stage. Sunbeam16ti needs Craig to falter and make a mistake to win this rally. There's little chance, as Craig has proven to have Loeb's level of consitency in Germany.

Power Stage

This is the last stage of our Rally Germany. For the uninitiated, this stage is really special, the 5 fastest drivers can earn extra points. This is both a chance for the fast drivers and the ones trying to gather some extra points to gain on the rally leaders.

The pressure was too hot on the Belgian, Le Sac while trying to get ahead of Midastron. He made 2 crucial mistakes which put him in a position not able to gain the much needed bonus power stage points. The same goes for Kepone, but sadly a bit more extreme, a rock took out his suspension which rendered him unable to complete the race.

Finni.mcfinger normally hovering around position 9 and 10, in his continuous battle with the Kiwi floopityboopity, laid down the 6th fastest time in this power stage, almost grabbing power stage points but the competition is high and other drivers are going flat out. In this stage Finni sure did prove his speed.

The first 6 drivers completed the stage and now it's up to position 1 and 2 to fight their battle. Remember the pressure malchrobertson/sunbeam16ti had on him? Well, the speed was there but he lost by 0.733 seconds to Craig! Well done to both parties!

The Results

  1. Craig Thomas driving with Mitshubishi winner of Rally Germany!
  2. Sunbeam16ti driving with Lancia.
  3. Virgism driving the famous Subaru Legacy RS.

Up next, Rally Wales! The T7R editors wish the drivers best of luck for next week!