T7R DR2 - Group A Season 2 - Wales Review

12/28/2020 12:00:00 AM

Powys Wales - A symphony of water and rain

We are in Powys, a part of the beautiful country Wales. Wales, being located next to the Irish seas is known for its wet and slippery rallies, a nemesis for drivers more used to drier conditions. Is that the case for the drivers of the Turn7Racing organisation? Well, let's find out. We met the Turn7Racing rookie Kevin Galvin at the service park and asked what he was thinking. 

"It's been a busy week for me, first competing in Germany, then racing for Team Inferno at the Spa 200 event on Saturday, before travelling to Wales for the latest rally, and switching between road and rally always takes some getting used to." - Kevin Galvin

A bit later our interviewer was bombed with Christmas wishes from a lot of the T7R Rally Drivers, among which are MIDASTRON, Gary Maldonado, Le Sac, Riiyaz and Sunbeam16Ti. They seem fresh and ready to rally!

Day 1

The weather forecast of day 1 isn't too promising, the last two stages will be a challenge for most of the drivers. The first two stages went quite well for everyone except Gary Maldonado. He was well off the pace and just couldn't find the grip that was needed to keep the car on track. The Scots are up there again like last week. Sunbeam16ti is having a fierce battle with the Lithuanian Virgism, there was only a spectacular 259 milliseconds difference between the two! The pressure on the Lithuanian didn't last as in stage 2 the Scot Sunbeam16ti lost momentum and ended up in 7th position.

Kepone, a driver normally up to par with Colin McRae seems to also live up to the name of Kepone McCrash. It seems even this week his true performance will be kept secret. Is he hiding something? Is he clean sweeping the road for another driver? The T7R regulations team will keep a close eye on him next week. His car was also investigated but no irregularities were found.

It began raining in the third stage, which made the roads even more treacherous. A big shift happened in the middle positions. Majestic Eagle and O.Sarnkvist had to make space for the American Finni McFinger. But still, there's not much that seperates these three. Only a mere 10 seconds! In the meantime Gary recovered from yet another few flat tyres and went up one position. Strotideuk hit a tree and had to retire from the Rally, in return for the lost tree he donated 10 trees to the plant a tree foundation. 

The weather cleared up and left only a wet track for the drivers. The top positions are keeping it steady and Virgism is securing his lead by his impeccable driving. The Scottish hot shot Colin Campbell is showing excellent pace and is only 15 seconds behind the English driver Craig. The Belgian is slowly gaining time and is now only 1 second behind the New Zealander FloopityBoopity. Whilst Floopity himself is only 2 seconds behind MIDASTRON. Three drivers with in total a three second gap. It couldn't be more close than this! 

Let's see what day 2 will do!

Day 2

Rain, rain and more rain! The weather is promising us a tiresome, slippery, hard but exciting rally! It's late noon and soon the drivers are up for a night stage. 

The gap between the close three is only widening! It seems these conditions and the pressure is working against the drivers. In the meantime TFR110 is only 1 second behind the Belgian. AleŇ° Mom has lost position and is now down to 12th by going wide in a corner. Finni McFinger is now challenging the other American Majestic Eagle for that 10th position.

At first we thought the spectators were littering the stages with junk, rubber and plastic but it seems it was just the left overs from Gary's tyres and car. The stage was delayed and cleaned by the service team. 

In the next stage the Kenian Riiyaz drove in anger and tried to close the gap on Sunbeam16Ti, but alas, the Scot's pace is incredible and enables him to fight for the 7th position in the power stage. Because of that, TFR110 is now under a lot of pressure. 

FloopityBoopity lost some time and as a results lost his 5th position to the Belgian with just a 6 second gap. But all this can change in one of the hardest power stages this championship might ever see!

Power Stage

Initially this stage was going to be cancelled due to the tricky conditions. But the drivers expressed their displeasure with this decision and the stage got a green light by the organisers.

The Slovenian AleŇ° Mom was up first and put up a great fight against Finni McFinger in this power stage by gaining 11th position. The Belgian Johny Le Sac has shown great fortitude and beat MIDASTRON to gain the 4th position overall in this rally. The same can be said for Sunbeam16ti by beating FloopityBoopity in these extreme conditions.

For some drivers this has been their first experience with this rate of difficulty and conditions. The Turn7Racing team wishes to congratulate all drivers for their entry and their strength going through this rally!

We wish all drivers good luck for the fast and tricky Scotland Rally!